Fatherhood Foundation Resources Index

Father - Daughter Relationships Deborah Coddington reports on research undertaken by Dr Bruce Ellis - September 2002.

At Least Two Parents
Rex McCann speaking at an Auckland Family Court Seminar in August 2002: How men experience the Family Court and how could things be improved.

A Bloke on the Wharf
Kevin Gill (May 2006) asks: Is fatherlessness a problem in New Zealand?

In early 2006, the Father and Child Society published three editions of a newsletter, but funding to continue was not forthcoming.

Before the 2005 Election, Father and Child submitted questions to all political parties.

Fathers, Families and the Future
Papers presented at this forum in Wellington, April 1999.

Fathers, Families and the Future
Fathering and Mentoring: somewhere there was a review of the forum held in Auckland in September 1999 but it is currently lost.

Fathering the Future
Papers presented at this forum in Christchurch, March 1998.

Perspectives on Fathering
Papers on fatherhood by New Zealand authors, some of which were presented at the Social Policy Forum in Wellington in April 1999

The Birth of My First Child
Address delivered by Warwick Pudney to Conference on Fathering, September 1998

Beginning Fatherhood by Warwick Pudney and Judy Cottrell
Book Review by Harald Breiding-Buss.