Research by Fatherhood Foundation Members

Pathways through Parental Separation [PDF, 557K] David Mitchell and Philip Chapman (2009). This study, funded by the Families Commission Innovative Practice Fund, analysed discussions with 20 non-resident fathers to find strategies for supporting fathers through the process of separation.

Basic Facts About NZ Fathers & Families (2004)

Dads - Part of the team or warming the bench? [PDF, 221 KB] Dads' views of an antenatal education programme. (2002)

Researching with Men: Ideas and Strategies for Doing Better [PDF, 164 KB] This paper challenges the tendency of research to ignore issues related to the study of men and particularly men as parents. An argument is also presented for including men in studies of parenting and use of family services, including early childhood education services.

Fathers' experiences of child and family services in the Nelson/Tasman region and their suggestions for "father friendly services". (2000) Much is being written and promoted at present about the importance of fathers in their children's lives, but as with all social change in our society, not all the conditions to support this movement are ever in place at one time. For example, services that work with families, while welcoming more father involvement, are unsure of how to make their services more attractive or accessible to fathers. Download PDF [254 KB]

Couples' views of men's transition to first time fatherhood [PDF, 422 KB] Report on research by NMIT and the Public Health Service aiming to explore the experiences of men during their transition to first time fatherhood from the perspectives of both partners.

Including Dads in our service [PDF, 203 KB] This report presents the findings of a research project designed to build on a range of initiatives to do with fathering that have been introduced in the Nelson/Tasman region over the past 3 years. Specifically, the project aimed to promote the involvement of fathers in the service that the Plunket Society in Nelson provides. It was hoped that the results would also provide information about processes and skills that might be useful for other service providers attempting to achieve similar aims...

Children and Parental Remarriage Summary of a study about the relationship of children with their stepparents and their natural parents by Dr Robin Fleming. (2000)

Fathers Who Care: Partners in Parenting A series of four reports by the Office of the Children's Commissioner (1998/99)

Family Resilience and Good Child Outcomes: A Review of the Literature This report is the third volume in the Ministry of Social Development's new research series Raising Children in New Zealand. The series was established as a means of disseminating the results from the Ministry's "Family Dynamics/Family Effectiveness" work programme. (1998)

Review by Paul Callister: The Fathers Who Care: Partners in Parenting Project: Does it matter that there was not a partnership in the research process?

NZ Childrearing Patterns - selected 1996 Statistics.