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Who we are:

The Fatherhood Foundation is committed to the fostering of quality fathering in New Zealand.

Our tasks are to:

Our history:

The Fatherhood Foundation grew out of the New Zealand Father and Child Society which was established in March 1998 and was incorporated in November of that year. Since that date the organisation has represented fathers by encouraging father support services, supplying educative material, promoting father-friendly services and supplying father-friendly perspectives to the community, local government and national government.

It has drawn Committee members from all regions of NZ and acted as a voice for changing the community narrative to a more father-inclusive and father responsible society. The father and child relationship is vital to the well-being of our children and it is the opportunity for greater involvement, and nurture for a nation's men.

In 2008 the organisation changed its name to The Fatherhood Foundation using a charitable trust structure and status.